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JackSmack's News

Posted by JackSmack - September 27th, 2010

I'm looking for an artist with a good amount of time that wants to help me make a cartoony horror game. It may or may not be a Halloween game.

It's a little complicated but just think a silly version of eternal darkness for the game cube and you will have an ok idea of what the game will be.

The are will be on an isometric grid and you will need to be ok with doing tiles. If you are interested let me know through a PM here on Newgrounds, with some samples of your previous work. This would be a project that you would need to start pretty quickly so if you are open and ready to go schedule wise you will stand a better chance.

I have a base engine done but I have other projects I have to finish that take priority. I may or may not get the game completed before Halloween just a heads up on that.

Posted by JackSmack - September 15th, 2010

I raged for quite a while when Steve Jobs broke my heart and said we couldn't put flash on the iPhone.

Now that the rules have been relaxed and flash is now aloud on the iPhone app store, I have reinstated my original plan.

I got my iPhone today and I ordered Web Design Premium CS5.

I needed some good news and the fact that I can make apps and try my hand at a new market is really exciting to me.

I have already made a test 'hello world' app and it works fine. The tricky part is that normal ads are not allowed in the flash games. So I'm thinking that I will make a free version with ads to the pay version of the game in it.

If anyone has a finished app that they would like published let me know if I can help you. I have already signed up for all the subscriptions that are needed and whatnot. Lets just say it's been a VERY expensive week for me.

Still I'm happy that I can look forward to making the apps as soon as I get my current projects completed. I have some awesome projects I'm working on with a few cool people right now so I can't pump out an app till after Halloween or so I think.

Anyone else taking the plunge into Flash iPhone apps?

OH, And by the way. If you are a Flash Animator living in or around Chicago and would be interested in working with me to make some awesome games over the next year PM me and show me your stuff.

CS5 is in the mail and I have an iPhone... Lets boogie.

Posted by JackSmack - September 7th, 2010

Hey everypeoples! Don't forget International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th!

I'm wondering if there will be a small contest here on Newgrounds to commemorate it?

I haven't heard anything and it's sneaking up on us.

Also... I am looking into starting a HUGE project soon more on that later, though it will hopefully be really awesome when it's done.

Ok Bai!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th!

Posted by JackSmack - August 25th, 2010

Hey everypeoples.

I just got interviewed by the team over at Addicting Games and I have been featured on their blog. If you are interested in reading a bit about me and my take on making flash games full time you should go over and take a look. It isn't a ton of info but it might let you know the path I have taken a little better.

http://blog.addictinggames.com/2010/08 /developers-corner-david-fulton/

OH, and I found some awesome stuff about Bump Mapping in flash I'm going to be trying out on one of my next games. Hopefully I can get it working cause it would be awesomeness.

http://www.derschmale.com/2008/05/17/2 d-bumpspecular-mapping/

I got interviewed by Addicting Games.

Posted by JackSmack - July 29th, 2010

I need some helpful people to test out Lifeguard Larry Deluxe on facebook for me. I just made the app and I just need a little help making sure it is working properly for everyone.

Click here to play!

Please if you haven't played the game give it a shot and tell your friends about it on facebook to help me keep bringing you guys games!

Lifeguard Larry Deluxe on Facebook needs your help!

Posted by JackSmack - July 12th, 2010

So I just released a new game that me and some close personal associates made for the Newgrounds Game Jam.

We only had 2 DAYS to make the game so it's a bit rough around the edges but it's pretty good.

I will more than likely look into making the text based engine more robust later on but I don't think I did to shabby of a job seeing as I programmed for 28 straight hours on this thing.




Posted by JackSmack - June 14th, 2010

Howdy Everypeoples!

Globs: Path of the Guru is finally done and in the portal! It took a while cause there is a website associated with it that I had to make.

Here is a link to the game. Globs: Path of the Guru

It has better graphics than the original, and a new Puzzle mode that has Portals and Bombs! Give it a shot and see if you like it!

In other news I'm attempting to make my next flash game in two weeks from start to finish. It's going to be tough but I think I can do it if I keep it simple. I'll update you later.

Globs: Path of the Guru is in the portal!

Posted by JackSmack - March 31st, 2010

Howdy Everypeoples!

So I have been working on a new game and I was wanting to run it through a bit of a wider test audience earlier in development to get some feed back on the difficulty of it.

I am wanting to keep the game challenging, so I am tracking quite a few statistics in this game, and I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

I know most people on Newgrounds will more than likely HATE this game with a passion. So feel free to be a dick about the style of the game if you need to get your prepubescent hormones in check.

If you can play through the game a couple times I will get some quality data that I can use to set the averages for each level. Also don't forget about the undo feature, if you have ideas of how to make it more noticeable let me know.

Here is a link to the game:
Globs 2 Path of the Guru

Please Help Beta Test my New Game: Globs 2 Path of the Guru!

Posted by JackSmack - March 28th, 2010

Woot! I'm almost done with my first AS3 game! I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. I will be posting a beta test here in a few days for a limited functionality version.

It's not something that will do well on Newgrounds at all I think... Just a simple puzzle game. But who knows I was wrong about Primary.

Here is a screenshot for ya.

Almost done with another game!

Posted by JackSmack - March 26th, 2010

So... I thought I would take a stab at theSuper Zero Art Contest where you make a really stupid super hero...

After quite a bit of thought my mind settled randomly on the Canadian Woman's hockey team acting like little twats after a game smoking cigars and acting like they owned the arena. They got in trouble for it if memory serves...

This is my homage to their impeccable lady like behavior.

New Art for the Super Zero contest.