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CS5 is in the mail and I have an iPhone... Lets boogie.

Posted by JackSmack - September 15th, 2010

I raged for quite a while when Steve Jobs broke my heart and said we couldn't put flash on the iPhone.

Now that the rules have been relaxed and flash is now aloud on the iPhone app store, I have reinstated my original plan.

I got my iPhone today and I ordered Web Design Premium CS5.

I needed some good news and the fact that I can make apps and try my hand at a new market is really exciting to me.

I have already made a test 'hello world' app and it works fine. The tricky part is that normal ads are not allowed in the flash games. So I'm thinking that I will make a free version with ads to the pay version of the game in it.

If anyone has a finished app that they would like published let me know if I can help you. I have already signed up for all the subscriptions that are needed and whatnot. Lets just say it's been a VERY expensive week for me.

Still I'm happy that I can look forward to making the apps as soon as I get my current projects completed. I have some awesome projects I'm working on with a few cool people right now so I can't pump out an app till after Halloween or so I think.

Anyone else taking the plunge into Flash iPhone apps?

OH, And by the way. If you are a Flash Animator living in or around Chicago and would be interested in working with me to make some awesome games over the next year PM me and show me your stuff.

CS5 is in the mail and I have an iPhone... Lets boogie.

Comments (12)

don't you have to pay for an app making liscense?

You do it's 99 bucks a year.

99 bucks a year? doesn't seem worth it. you can create applications for any other device for free... stupid apple, overcharging for everything.

want to help program for me and tarienn and shadowfox?? for halloween?

I would if I could but I have a game with Edible Castle I'm working on and a game with Bomtoons in that time frame... I'm swamped.

Can you link me to where this has been stated? I could of sworn he went back on the deal of allowing people to develop applications from flash for iphones/ipad/itouch's ???

I can't find anything where it's been stated that the project is back on?

Here is a link to a blog. The news broke on the 9th.
http://news.cnet.com/8301-30685_3 -20015954-264.html
and another...
http://www.digitaltrends.com/comp uting/adobe-resurrects-flash-tool -after-apple-about-face/?news=123
And here is the statement from apple themselves...
http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2 010/09/09statement.html

Generic anti-Apple comment +1

I'm right there with you honestly... Though the opportunity to make a little extra money is hard to pass up.

hopefully not bad news for me n my games D:

ohh nice, but hopefully he won't change his mind just as quickly as he allowed it

Thanks for bringing this to my attention :) I'm a very happy camper now.

What's the key listener syntax for AS3 iPod touch?

is it like if(Key.isDown(_doubletap))

No it would be AS3. Key.isDown is as2.

Then what? lol

Is this guy serious? Lol go on google, you need to add an event listener for MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN.

KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN oops.
But yea google knows all.