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Due to changes in the BBS, some EXTREMELY USEFUL posts about Actionscript 2.0 programming from back in the day are much harder to find. For my own use, and to make them a bit more available for more users working on the Flash Forward 2022 jam, I'm copying the content and links from the original AS Main: into this post and will currate the content from time to time. Please report any broken links if they sneak in.

PDFs of full Actionscript 2.0 Books found online:

Understanding Macromedia Flash 8 ActionScript 2

Essential Actionscript 2.0

Learning Actionscript 2.0 in Flash

Flash 8 Actionscript Bible

Flash MX Actionscript for Fun and Games

Actionscript 2.0 Tutorials and Resources

********** BASIC - GENERAL **********

AS: _currentframe by True_Darkness

AS: _name by Darkfire_Blaze

AS: _x and _y by True_Darkness

AS: ? Operators And Switch Case by KaynSlamdyke

AS: Actionscripted Colour by -Thomas

AS: Animated Buttons by Inglor

AS: Bad Ideas by GameCubeFreak2004

AS: Bars (Health/Score/etc) by Inglor

AS: Bars (Health/Score/etc) by Darkfire_Blaze

AS: Basic A.I. by Dancing-Thunder

AS: Beginning Actionscript by Ninja-Chicken

AS: Bounce & Gravity by ImpotentBoy2

AS: ClipEvents by Inglor

AS: Concepts and Corrosion by Johnny_Krysys

AS: Date Object by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Drag & Drop by Inglor

AS: Duplicated Movie Clips by Denvish

AS: Dynamic Color Changes by Rantzien

AS: Dynamically Resizing Objects by Spamburger

AS: Forms by Darkfire_Blaze

AS: Frame Functions by Spamburger

AS: Hierarchy by Rantzien

AS: If statements by RiotFlash

AS: KeyCode by -Toast-

AS: loadMovie() by Spamburger

AS: loadMovie by GuyWithHisComp

AS: LocalConnection by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Loops & Conditions by BleeBlap

AS: Loops - For... In by Inglor

AS: Loops - While by Ninja-Chicken

AS: Maths - Basic by T-H

AS: Microphone by Depredation

AS: Modulo by KaynSlamdyke

AS: Movement - Basic by Denvish

AS: Movement - Scrolling Background by DrDeath2k3

AS: Movement - Scrolling Objects by lan00

AS: Performance & Optimisation Tips by T-H

AS: Popup Window (Javascript/Flash) by Ozcar

AS: Print by -Thomas-

AS: Quality Toggling by Denvish

AS: Random by -Reedo11-

AS: Random - More by Spamburger

AS: Replay Button by Inglor

AS: RGB by Snubby

AS: Rounding (to the nearest) by Snubby

AS: Sound by Denvish

AS: Starting Out by -Thomas

AS: Stop & Play Buttons by Inglor

AS: swapDepths by -liam-

AS: Symbolic Operators (and, or, not) by SpamBurger

AS: Symbols by Joelasticot

AS: Timeout by Inglor

AS: Tricks and Titbits by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Variables by Rantzien

AS: Variables New by phyconinja

AS: Video by Depredation

********** BASIC - SPECIFIC **********

AS: Black and White (Flash 8) by fwe

AS: Bouncing Ball by VeinDigger

AS: Clock by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Custom Cursor by lan00

AS: Easy Time Counter by PhAsEz

AS: Elastic Mouse Chaser by lan00

AS: Inventory 1 by Inglor

AS: Mouse Avoider by Hoeloe

AS: Moving, Dad 'n Me style by -Thomas-

AS: Mad Libs by SpamBurger

AS: Password by Dancing-Thunder

AS: Paypal Button by Ozcar

AS: Preloader by Snubby

AS: Preloader by Denvish

AS: Photo Negative by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Subtitles by -Toast-

AS: Swinging/Elastic Ball by pivot11

AS: Timer by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Typewriter Effect by Atomic_Sponge

AS: White Noise/TV Static Effect by caseyo

********** INTERMEDIATE - GENERAL **********

AS: API Scripted Camera by True_Darkness

AS: Arrays by Denvish

AS: Arrays by Creeepy

AS: Artificial Thinking by -Vengeance-

AS: AsBroadcaster by liam

AS: Basic Combos by -Toast-

AS: Binary and Bitwise Operators by Claxor

AS: Bitmap Screenshots by Paranoia

AS: Camera Control by Inglor

AS: Code style speed tests (AS3) by -dELta-

AS: Collisions by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Collisions - Boundaries by Spamburger

AS: Collisions - Circle To Shape Hittest by 23450

AS: Collision Detection by BleeBlap

AS: Collisions - HitTesting Duped MCs by SpamBurger

AS: Collisions - Move To Contact by Tela_Ferrum

AS: Components Stuff by Darkfire_Blaze

AS: Constant Distance (Ragdoll Basics) by T-H

AS: Debugging Syntax by Inglor

AS: Dynamic FPS by -dELta-

AS: Elasticity by Joelasticot

AS: External Audio Optimization by ChtFreak64

AS: File Upload (uses PHP) by Khao

AS: Filters (Flash 8) by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Filters (Flash 8) by Inglor

AS: Flash & PHP by shazwoogle

AS: Flash > ASP > Txt by Denvish

AS: For Animation by DingoEatingFuzz

AS: FullScreen by g-muff

AS: Functions by mikebud

AS: Functions - Basic by Inglor

AS: ID3 Tags by Kart-Man

AS: Intervals by Inglor

AS: Isometric Tile Based Map by Pyromaniac

AS: Linear Increasement by Inglor

AS: Listeners by F13

AS: Load External Data/Cross-Domain by Denvish

AS: Loading/Unloading Data by shazwoogle

AS: Logical Thinking by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Maths - Intermediate by Inglor

AS: Mouse Speed by Sk8more

AS: Mouse Wheel by Inglor

AS: Movement - On slopes by Joelasticot

AS: Movement - Random by -liam-

AS: Pointing/Shooting at Mouse by Denvish

AS: Random Enemies by Kabomb

AS: Rotate and Follow Mouse by UnknownFury

AS: Rotation to Face Ground by Hoeloe

AS: Save and Load by Denvish

AS: Sorting Algorithms by Fion

AS: Sound From URL by Cybex

AS: Specific Anti-theft Protection by authorblues

AS: Strings by Inglor

AS: SWF Copy Protection by JackSmack

AS: SWF Right-Click Menu by Denvish

AS: Text Fadeout by LesPaulPlayer

AS: Text Fields by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Text - HTML by shazwoogle

AS: Turning A String Into Code by Alphabit

AS: Try And Catch (Error Handling) by authorblues

AS: Upload/Download (Flash 8) by -liam-

********** INTERMEDIATE - SPECIFIC **********

AS: ArmorBot Help by Sinistermuffin

AS: Cannon by reality_check7

AS: Fading Trail Effect (Bullet Time) by Denvish

AS: Fireworks (API) by Inglor

AS: Flash/PHP Webpage Hit Counter by Denvish

AS: Flicker Effect by _Paranoia_

AS: Game 1 - Moving and Jumping by Ninja-Chicken

AS: Game 2 - Shooting & Power-ups by Ninja-Chicken

AS: Jumping Engine by rabidbaboy

AS: Jumping Engine For All by Rystic

AS: Movement - Asteroids Ship by GuyWithHisComp

AS: Movie Control by Spamburger

AS: Movie Scroll Bar by 23450

AS: Overhead Car by -Ryu-

AS: Overhead Game by pyro111

AS: Platform Placing by Hoeloe

AS: Platform Game Basics by Atomic_Sponge

AS: Platformer: N00b to Pro by MusicianEXE

AS: Platformer by Thomas2005

AS: Platformer by pyro111

AS: Platformer LearnIt by GooGum

AS: Platformer AI (on Slopes) by Hoeloe

AS: Platformer with Slopes by pyro111

AS: Pong Physics & Gravity by -Toast-

AS: Pong - Basics by Thomas

AS: Rain Effect (API) by Inglor

AS: Random Enemy Attacks

********** ADVANCED - GENERAL **********

AS: 3Dimension - Basic by -dELta-

AS: 3Dimension - Intermediate by -dELta-

AS: 3D: Very Basic Wireframe by Begoner

AS: 3D: Wireframe by Disarray_yarrasiD

AS: Actionscripted Tweens by BleeBlap

AS: Angled Distance by 23450

AS: API by -liam-

AS: API 3-Gradient Fills by Inglor

AS: API Curves by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: API Fading by True_Darkness

AS: Ball Angle hitTest And Bouncing by Khao

AS: Binary Increasement by Inglor

AS: BitmapData - Basic by -liam-

AS: Circle to Line hitTesting by Inglor

AS: Circle to Line Collision by RustyGames

AS: Closest Proximity (AI) by 23450

AS: Components by -dELta-

AS: Faux Tile Boundaries by GooGum

AS: Line to Line Collision by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Math - Exponential Functions by Sekky

AS: Mechs - Vector Arithmetic by Sekky

AS: Modular Programming by Inglor

AS: Nested arrays by arby

AS: Non-Tilebased Pathfinding by -dELta-

AS: Numerics - Recursion by Sekky

AS: Scoreboard Protection by Denvish

AS: OOP (Object Oriented Programming) by Inglor

AS: OOP Classes by authorblues

AS: OOP Classes For Morons by Johnny_Krysys

AS: OOP Packages by Newsdee

AS: OOP - Static Properties/Methods by authorblues

AS: Prototype, Proto & Inheritance by BleeBlap

AS: System Capabilities (Flash-PC Communication) by Inglor

AS: Tile-based Game Development Map by Inglor

AS: Tile-based Line-of-Sight Algorithm by zoohl

AS: Tile-based Pathfinding by -dELta-

AS: Try And Catch (Error Handling) by authorblues

AS: Trigonometry by BleeBlap

AS: XML by Inglor

AS: XML For Online Interactivity by -KhAo-

********** ADVANCED - SPECIFIC **********

AS: Art-based Normal Detection by Glaiel_Gamer

AS: Flash Game Instant Replay by Cojones893

AS: Key Queue by Inglor

AS: Maze by Begoner

AS: OOP Inventory System by Afro_Ninja

AS: RSS Class by authorblues

AS: Syntax Checking Stack by Inglor

AS: XML Sockets - Chatroom by Ninja_Chicken

********** OTHER USEFUL LINKS: **********


Flash Newbie Help by -ArcticHigh-

Starting with Flash by Otacon

Flash tuts list by AGH




Xenosteel's guide

NG Submission Tips

Get your Flash deleted

Optimization and File Size Tutorial by jmtb02

Custom XKey Class by authorblues

Flash: FP Version Checker (component) by JeremysFilms

Preloader not appearing by johnfn

The Open Source Preloaders Thread by Glaiel_Gamer

Perfect SWF>AVI Conversion by Depredation

Flash/PHP scoreboard

Cross-domain policies

Sprite page list by different

Music and Sound Effect sites V2 by different

Sound FAQ by deltatsunami

Bookmarking and favicons by Ozcar

Flash: Shortcut Keys by -Unknown-

Flash: Code Shortcut keys by Rantzien

Claymation info by schorhr

How to: Flash to animated .gif

GreenSock AS2 Libraries (Tweening engine and more! Documentation)


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