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Impressive effort!

Hey I like this, the colors are a bit hard to swallow, perhaps you could have played with the saturation on them a bit so they didn't bleed so bad on monitors.

Overall great job and I forgive you for being a little late in submitting it. :)

JoSilver responds:

I try to do my best with the colors, I totally agree about the colors. I had to stare at it all longer than anybody.

Glad you liked it!

I like it!

Hey nice job on this one! It's actually really enjoyable. The music got on my nerves a bit around "The Help of a Beast".

Reminds me of my first flash game.

Not to bad. Still have a lot to learn but you did make me smile with the ripping the head off bit. Keep expanding your skill set and don't take anyone telling you that you suck to heart.

People will be mean and nasty. Take it in stride and always work to stand out even if it's just a little bit from the crowd. Keep up the good work and keep on learning.

griffinsbeenbeheaded responds:

Thanks man, you're one of the few people on Newgrounds with a heart. We need more people like you.

You are going to get a bad score...

You are exporting your music in the first frame when you linked it in the library. This makes your preloader useless and will cause people to blam you.

wagnerben responds:

it looks like my preloader is working though...how should i do it? besides linking the music from the internet?

and i don't think 3+ is a bad score...i'm happy with "not bad, in fact, i like it!"

Holy long unskippable intro batman!

Ok I'm writing this bit before I even play the game... If this was something I was just viewing not knowing if it was in a jam I would have quit in the intro... ok now I'm going to play the game.

Not a bad game for a jam though not a really unique one. 4.5 stars, rounded up to 5. Good Game Jam guys.

Nayhan responds:

We didn't really think about the intro and just put it in there, Thanks Jack.

I love the music! Great job guys!

Hey I love the music on this game it's tons of fun to listen to and the game is really good for a game jam, good work!

I use to think I knew what evil was.

Then this game came around and showed me that the music for this game is the root of all evil and it makes the voices in my head really upset at you for making it.

Just so you know...

WASD is THE DEVIL!!!! At least that is what people said about Primary. Good game I didn't get the glitch but I didn't play very far. I'm not as think as I smart I am enough to play this.

Good Game, interesting concept.

I liked the work you did here. Broke up the game play which the defense portion would have gotten old a lot faster without the story and the silent hill type flashing. A good deal of work went into this, especially if you did it all by yourself.

A few areas that could use improvement... On your walk cycle, it's very rigid, experiment with your designs graphically to allow for more free range of motion. And pick up a good book on animation it will help you out to have some reference. The menu screen for the upgrades could have been designed a bit better but hey, it's functional... If you want to keep people enthralled you have to go the extra mile on every aspect of the game if you can.

Oh and Cwruidth has his head up his ass in my opinion... How can someone who doesn't have a single game in their account say that any game made of this quality is 'Lazy' that is just ignorant. Don't take the reviews of your work to heart. If you are proud of your work be proud of it. Because no matter what you are doing, there will always be a long line of people who can't do what you are doing willing to tell you how much you suck at doing it.

Again nice work here and I hope that you keep working on the areas where you can improve. This is a solid effort and I can tell some time went into it.

I really thought the intro was something amazing

Hey I loved the intro art work, and the game programming is amazing. I think it could be a bit more engaging if the camera moved or something. I only got through the tutorial and the first level.

At first I just skipped the tutorial cause it looked very simple, then I got into the gameplay and it proved to be something I couldn't figure out. The doubleclicking on sally to collect the cat was not something I was thinking to do.

Anyway the art and ambiance of the game are great, the physics are wonderful, presentation of the actual gameplay could use just a bit more polish because the buildup to the gameplay is just so awesome that even though the game itself is good the player might feel a bit misled as to what the game will look and play like.

Overall great work, and I hate that I have a game coming out today too because I think you did a marvelous job and I hate to go up against you.

Ok... May I please have my pants back now? It's cold out here.

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