Power of Four?

2014-06-13 18:19:57 by JackSmack

So... yeah Power of Four eh?  Make another game eh?  Teach your grandmother to suck eggs eh?

I'm up for trying to make something with established artists and other indies if anyone else is interested.

I don't have nearly as much time as I use to but it would be fun.

I will be kickstarting my Board Game in the next month or so, that will take a chunk of my free time to babysit that, but if you are willing to work on something with a reasonable scope and you know who the heck I am, and I would know who the heck you are, let me know.  And we can suck eggs together with your grandmother while we make a game.


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2014-06-13 19:17:46

You're in the middle of a road..then all of a sudden..a 0 approaches. Then a 4 hits you in the face, followed by a backstab from a 16. Just before you think it's over, 32 comes around the corner and kicks you in the balls. He brought his friend 256 along, too, and he has an RPG.


2014-06-14 00:12:58

i used to make games....

JackSmack responds:

You should come out of retirement with me.


2014-06-14 00:21:23

does busting make you feel good


2014-06-14 01:03:11

Hey, would you like to work with me?


2014-06-14 04:03:09

Oh god primary was the best game in the power of 3 back in 09
if youre going to be in this one i can't wait to see what its gonna be

JackSmack responds:

I thought all the games were really great personally. But thanks!


2014-06-14 16:06:18

If you're looking to round out four, let me know if you need another artist.


2014-06-14 18:41:03

I can pretend to voice act for you if you need such skills.


2014-06-14 19:22:12

I'm hoping the game will be worth the time. Maybe you should make "Primary 2" or something? Or make a cooperative-single player game. (4 characters, 1 player)


2014-06-15 00:06:14