Still working on SeaDogs. My board game.

2014-04-02 17:50:31 by JackSmack

I am still working on my board game.  It's amazing how long it takes to design a board game, when you have to playtest with multiple people and can only do it once in a while.  

Kickstarter should be happening soon though.  Here is one of the cards in the game.



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2014-04-02 20:37:45

Any chance Milton Bradley or another company would be interested in producing this?

JackSmack responds:

I seriously doubt it. It's far more complex than a simple roll and move game. Mainstream games are really dumbed down compared to the general hobby board game market. Milton Bradley sticks to things that are firmly in the, not intimidating to try to play market.


2014-04-03 04:23:34

There's an expo for board and card games isn't there? Maybe if you go over, you can afford to attend one of those things. How's the proposal going? Will you be making a video demo/instructional?


2014-04-03 05:42:44



2014-04-04 00:21:23

Looking tre bien from what I've seen so far!

JackSmack responds:

So is Super Chibi Knight. Congrats on your kickstarter funding by the way.