Making a Designer Board Game about Pirates, any artists interested?

2013-09-15 20:14:29 by JackSmack

Howdy folks!

So I'm not dead I'm just really busy lately. I'm working on several client projects and I'm actually working on a board game about pirates.

I'm more than happy to do the art myself for the prototype but I was wondering if any good artists out there would be interested in helping me punch up the art for a Kickstarter campaign.

I still haven't decided whether I will attempt to send the game to a publisher or try to self publish it, I am looking for someone who is interested in teaming up and working on polishing the game together.

I'm still playtesting the game and I'm not going to push out a sub-par product, I'm trying to make the game as much fun as I can.

I doubt anyone will be interested but I thought I would ask here since I'm always a fan of helping out Newgrounds artists when I can.


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2013-09-15 20:20:36

:O ooh....that sounds awesome. Pirates are awesome. I'd love to get that when it's out. I could try talking to a few people I know :)


2013-09-15 20:42:05

are you looking for cartoon or realistic
i can do both just let me know


2013-09-15 20:48:42

Sweet. Wish I was an artist. I like me some pirates and I like me some board games.


2013-09-16 02:34:44

Hey Jacksmack! I'm realy interested in this, Making art about pirates is always pretty cool. If you have more details just drop me a pm. :)


2013-09-16 04:06:17

flintlock canons


2013-09-16 21:10:59

I vote for boybogart!


2013-09-17 04:19:19

I would love to help, but I'm too booked up for larger projects. Let me know if you end up using multiple artists, and I'll chip some work in.


2013-09-17 05:50:55

Oh shit Boybogart's in the fray? I think you have your answer.