Check out my new Minecraft Server

2013-04-04 22:42:48 by JackSmack

I've been working on making games and websites a lot so I recently started a small side project, I've been developing a Minecraft server.

It has been up for about 2 weeks now and we pretty much constantly have players on, it's a Towny Survival server with boosted ore counts, MCMMO and several cool arena plugins.

The name is FireFly Minecraft check out the website and if you play Minecraft check out the server it's a lot of fun.
Server address:

Check out my new Minecraft Server


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2013-04-04 23:09:05

Minecraft will destroy your life, one brick at a time.


2013-04-04 23:47:23

I'm connecting now and will TNT your lair skyhigh!