Get in the Game (Jam) also BearBound KickStarter!

2012-10-12 17:14:01 by JackSmack

Howdy folks!
I've been working away on Primary 2 and I recently took some time to take part in the 2012 IDGA Chicago Game Jam. Several developers came together and had a good time making games together and networking.

In the end my team was chosen as the winner thanks to my experience with game jams like the ones here on Newgrounds. If you want to make games but can't you should participate in the jam however you can. It isn't about winning it is about participating.

Anyway as I said I'm working on Primary and I have a pretty solid engine but the final game is still a long way off. So I'm working on a smaller project on the side. Bringing BearBound to mobile.

I have all the ground work done and need time to do art but money is tight so I'm dong a small kickstarter for the game soon. By the way, BearBound was made for a Newgrounds Game Jam.

So even if you can't do much participate in the NG game jams you WILL learn something. And you might make a hit game by accident.

Get in the Game (Jam) also BearBound KickStarter!


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2012-10-12 17:44:28

That's a perfect game for a smart phone - good luck!


2012-10-12 18:05:48

Bring to Android perty prease! Also is it going to be free? The original obviously didn't have a whole lot of content with it being a Game Jam submission and all, so unless this has a bit more to do I couldn't see it warranting having to pay money. Still a good game though! 'specially for 48 hours!

(Updated ) JackSmack responds:

It is getting a pretty massive overhaul in the content department. I will more than likely do the "lite" version thing and the paid version will have several new areas to explore and loads more endings.

Oh and yes it will be coming to android, though it will more than likely come to iPhone and iPad first.