Call to Artists for Primary Kickstarter

2012-09-19 16:18:57 by JackSmack

Howdy! So I'm working on a version of Primary for mobile and it is coming along nicely. I'm planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign and I was thinking about things I can use as backer rewards.

Since the original game was made for Newgrounds and Child's Play I thought I might as well post and ask if any NG artists would be interested in making posters for the game in their styles for the Kickstarter campaign. If so I can pay a small commission for the work or trade my services on small projects. I would also give anyone who participates a free copy of the game and beta access through test flight.

I plan on donating a portion of the finished games profits to Child's Play once it is released.

If you are interested play Primary a bit and get a feel for it. Drop me a line and I'll give you some updates on what the new game is like. It will have more environments and some slightly different powers but the basics are the same... though I have plans to expand the game episodically.

Call to Artists for Primary Kickstarter


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2012-09-21 02:19:08

So I have played your game the whole way through I really like the mechanics of it almost a "quantum conundrum" kind of game mixing and mastering different abilities.

So what would the artist level be to help out with something like this?

JackSmack responds:

The artists were to do promotional stuff for the Kickstarter campaign. The plan right now is to do the animation and art myself as well as the programming, at least for the first pass at the game. Once I know all the pieces that are needed and the timings and that everything works I MIGHT bring in a different animator to redo stuff.


2012-09-21 06:06:35

so is it the same game?
cos isn't this a platformer?
Platformers on iPad man, I dunno!

(Updated ) JackSmack responds:

iphone and android first. I will have to get an ipad and try it out to find a control scheme that is comfortable.


2012-09-25 22:53:01

...I'll do it for free. I need to get my name out there, and this is perfect. I just need the publicity for now, payment isn't a problem. What exactly did you have in mind...?