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Comments (7)

The prototype is looking tre bien. Any details on how the rules work or is that top secret?

I'm writing a rules document, no it's not super top secret.

Pirate game, pickup goods in ports take them to other ports and attack others along the way and take their stuff. It's a bit deeper than that but not a whole lot.

I'll be sending out prototypes to folks that want to play test and are willing to give me feedback or take a video of the play session and send it to me.

If you want I can send you the rules document as it stands this weekend, can always use people going over it looking for errors.

Sure, I'll take a look at it, dunno if I'll be much help, but I'm curious!

This seems fun,
Can you send me a rules doc too?

I might be interested in helping you out with the art on this, since I've no commitments atm.
What assets are you after, and do you have a ball-park idea about how long you think it would take?

I am doing all the tedious stuff like rules and iconography, I could use character designs and artwork for cards. I think it will more than likely be at least a week or two of work.

I would be willing to help depending on the workload and deadline. Let me know what style your looking for too.

Looks very cool, I wish you luck man. Making board games is dope. I worked on some cards for a card game way back in the 2000's, Warlord I think it was called? By Alderac? I never played it, was just a worker bee artist.

Looks good, a bit like Settlers of Khatan. Any similarities? Also, will this ship worldwide?

The kickstarter will be international, but there will be added shipping costs. If the kickstarter goes well I would have leverage to get a European publisher. Though honestly the game is a very American style game. A lot of confrontation between players.