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Comments (11)

I'll happily try this!

So I played the game for a few levels before I ended up stopping. I really do like this kind of game (I have something similar on my iPod touch) but I think this is better because it has a point system. I would love to see the puzzle mode.
I think you should explicitly state in the instructions or some intro that the last move will have a multiplier to enhance its value because I only figured that out after a few levels...
Other than that, I really enjoyed it.

I think you should put little instructional boxes in the game on level 1, cos I didn't read How To Play, most people won't, and it's not the kind of game that people can just guess their way through.
I know- it's annoying, cos you allready wrote instructions- but it'd be a lot safer to just throw em in the game. Just a box that says CLICK THESE TO CHANGE YOUR COLOUR would totally work. And then a couple levels later could say YOU CAN ALSO USE THE NUMBER KEYS or something.
And this is because of the size of my screen, but the bottom row of How To Play, Play More Games, Facebook etc is cut off in my browser. I'm 1024x768, and that's pretty normal. People usin netbooks or small laptops have a way smaller window than even that. Not a big deal, but y'know. Jus sayin!
I like it anyway.
Also there appears to be a wizard floating around in the background, I don't know if you know about that. I'll try n catch it on a screenshot n show u, but he is prty fast.

I plan on putting this stuff in already, thanks for the input though. I was going to actually save to the user's computer when they have seen the instructions so they don't see them after the first time, though the game isn't to that point yet.

Wow a wizard floating around in the background? That is a really weird bug. You sure he isn't suppose to be there? Is he a wizard or a Guru?

i tested it. its very good indeed

Right now this game is pretty good, but extremely bland.

Some suggestions:
-You should be able to change your color by clicking on the game board in addition to the colors above.
-The game is so abstract, maybe you should tie each of the colors to elements. As to give it
-There should be more shapes than just square in arcade mode.
-There should be more gimmicks to keep the game going, maybe nodes that are multiple colors simultaneously or a varying number of colors.

The game is the equivalent of bubble wrap I know. It's not for a target audience that is a 'twitch' gamer.

It's for the farmville type crowd something really bland to kill time that you can be good at if you think about it but you don't have to think to play it.

Thats pretty fun, I don't see any visible flaws with it. But I have a weak spot for puzzle games.

It's already got quite a bit of polish on the game, still elements that need to be added and tweaked but it should be out this month.

even without reading the directions its pretty easy to learn. didn't see anything buggy personally


um... Happy Birthday! :D

I sent you a PM

goddamit asnwer me...a lot of people have been having this problem, you can't just let the game be bugged and do nothing about it...