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I've been working on a card game called You Dirty Rat for a while now.  We just launched the kickstarter for the game tonight and I'm trying to spread the word.  With your help we can get a bunch of copies of the game printed and get them into stores!

Take a look at the kickstarter page and let me know what you think!


Power of Four?

2014-06-13 18:19:57 by JackSmack

So... yeah Power of Four eh?  Make another game eh?  Teach your grandmother to suck eggs eh?

I'm up for trying to make something with established artists and other indies if anyone else is interested.

I don't have nearly as much time as I use to but it would be fun.

I will be kickstarting my Board Game in the next month or so, that will take a chunk of my free time to babysit that, but if you are willing to work on something with a reasonable scope and you know who the heck I am, and I would know who the heck you are, let me know.  And we can suck eggs together with your grandmother while we make a game.

I am still working on my board game.  It's amazing how long it takes to design a board game, when you have to playtest with multiple people and can only do it once in a while.  

Kickstarter should be happening soon though.  Here is one of the cards in the game.


I'm geeking out and making a board game. It's got pirates.

I'm looking around to see if there are any serious artists who are interested in a bit of freelance work that may or may not pay since I'm doing this as a Kickstarter.

The game will need someone who can paint really fun but nice looking Dog Pirates. If I don't find someone I can do it myself but I am looking around just in case someone is interested in giving it a shot.

The game is really good and I'm working on getting quotes for getting it produced. Ping me if you are interested and have a good body of work.

Here is a picture of the current prototype just so you know I'm serious.

Still working on the Board Game.  Looking for artist.

Howdy folks!

So I'm not dead I'm just really busy lately. I'm working on several client projects and I'm actually working on a board game about pirates.

I'm more than happy to do the art myself for the prototype but I was wondering if any good artists out there would be interested in helping me punch up the art for a Kickstarter campaign.

I still haven't decided whether I will attempt to send the game to a publisher or try to self publish it, I am looking for someone who is interested in teaming up and working on polishing the game together.

I'm still playtesting the game and I'm not going to push out a sub-par product, I'm trying to make the game as much fun as I can.

I doubt anyone will be interested but I thought I would ask here since I'm always a fan of helping out Newgrounds artists when I can.

I've been working on making games and websites a lot so I recently started a small side project, I've been developing a Minecraft server.

It has been up for about 2 weeks now and we pretty much constantly have players on, it's a Towny Survival server with boosted ore counts, MCMMO and several cool arena plugins.

The name is FireFly Minecraft check out the website and if you play Minecraft check out the server it's a lot of fun.

Server address: mc.fireflymc.net:25865

Check out my new Minecraft Server

Howdy! I'm currently working on BearBound but I thought it would be nice to work with an artists I haven't worked with before and make an iPhone and Android app.

I am looking to start a totally new project with an artist. We would come up with the concept and crank out a prototype in a week to a month's time. If you are interested in working with me please message me and I'll check out your work.

I am ok with artists who don't have a lot of experience working in animation, as long as they are willing to try.

Hopefully someone out there wants to take a shot at working with me, I haven't released much on Newgrounds lately due to working on client work and mobile stuff but my skills are sharp as ever. Also if the game is good I can make a Flash version to help get the word out about it. Though I would like to make the app version first.

First off! Click here to check out the Kickstarter Page!
I'm working on BearBound for mobile but I need some help making it happen. If you can please pre-order the game at the Kickstarter page for 5 dollars and help me meet my funding goal.

BearBound Kickstarter! Pre-order BearBound for Mobile!

So I just launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign. It is for a new version of the game BearBound I could use all the help I can get on this project, so if you have ever played one of my games and had fun please take a look at the Kickstarter page. If you can back the project please do that as well, every little bit helps.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter page.

BearBound Kickstarter, help me bring BearBound to mobile

Howdy folks!
I've been working away on Primary 2 and I recently took some time to take part in the 2012 IDGA Chicago Game Jam. Several developers came together and had a good time making games together and networking.

In the end my team was chosen as the winner thanks to my experience with game jams like the ones here on Newgrounds. If you want to make games but can't you should participate in the jam however you can. It isn't about winning it is about participating.

Anyway as I said I'm working on Primary and I have a pretty solid engine but the final game is still a long way off. So I'm working on a smaller project on the side. Bringing BearBound to mobile.

I have all the ground work done and need time to do art but money is tight so I'm dong a small kickstarter for the game soon. By the way, BearBound was made for a Newgrounds Game Jam.

So even if you can't do much participate in the NG game jams you WILL learn something. And you might make a hit game by accident.

Get in the Game (Jam) also BearBound KickStarter!