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I need your votes for this project.

1/19/11 by JackSmack

Howdy folks, I've been over on another site called Quirky and I've put up an invention idea that I need to get some votes for. It could mean me making a few extra bucks to have more time to put toward making games if I win so if you could please help me out by voting for my invention over there I would really appreciate it.

Here is a link

I appreciate your help with this project. Currently I'm working on a freelance job so I can make some extra money but I really want to focus more on games and if this design gets your vote you might help me make more and better games.

I need your votes for this project.


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Ya got vote to, so everybody slaughter now



Ugh good idea and you got my vote :P, but I hate the kitchen appliances that apply to only one type of food.

needs a way to put an actual cow into it to save the slaughtering process

1/19/11 JackSmack responds:

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm..... Actually speaking from experience slaughtering a cow is not something you want to do in your kitchen without a high pressure water hose and a drain in the floor.



Hey :P

uhm.. you need gear teeth on the outside of the pan... there could be a cilinder under it that rotates the whole thing... also... the meat separator could use a better design :P

1/19/11 JackSmack responds:

I know it could use a better design, but that's what Quirky does. It is a product development community so thinks like that would get ironed out by the community and team if I won.

Next product to swarm my TV with advertising



You got my vote.

1/19/11 JackSmack responds:

Awesome, remember to vote 5 on the ratings too please.